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I want to pay $40USD via Paypal(or something else if you want) for a builder to create a map listed below that has an interior and exterior with multiple rooms and or corridors with exits and entrances(windows, vents, hidden holes, broken walls, etc). Should be similar to MM2 maps, where there are secret areas and pathways(vents, walls you can walk through), hiding spots(lockers, rooms out of sight, places to take cover and hide behind), and it's size of the maps.

Here are a list of some of the types of maps I want, you are welcome to choose one or multiple maps to build if you wish.
  • A secret lab that has been developing new substance
  • Roof and last couple levels of an expensive apartment building with penthouses
  • A skyscraper office building with a reception, tall and rich top floor, and some floors in-between.
  • Stash houses with port that's used by a gang to transport illegal goods
  • An old abandoned museum that's now being used by a militia as a safe house
  • A police department building with offices and desks with files around.
I'd also like if you could add your own ideas/specifications to the map.

If you're interested and or want to ask any questions, please contact me on Discord! Waddels#5471
It would be great if you could also include images of your previous builds.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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