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The reason why I think Roblox crashing almost every weekend is because of Roblox FPS Unlocker, Let me explain. So as many of you know, the maximum Roblox FPS is 60, and Roblox FPS Unlocker makes it unlimited. So, what happens is on the weekends, so many people are playing Roblox on the weekends. Which means a lot of people are using the FPS Unlocker, It sends way, and I mean WAAAAY to many packets to the Roblox Servers, and with the snap of your fingers, Roblox is down.

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Your computers performance, and a packet are two completely different things that can't even relate to one another. Why exactly would a packet have any relationship to someones FPS? FPS isn't dependent on your internet speed, that all depends on how fast your computer is.

I also don't believe that much people are using an FPS unlocker. I'm fairly certain more than half the community doesn't use one. So no, your assumptions are not correct.

A more credible reason which is more probable than what you said would be, roblox's servers are overflooded with people playing, kids don't have school, more people playing, which means servers get flooded and the website crashes. That makes a lot more sense than whatever you tried to say.
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