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Why are numbers tagged in ROBLOX?

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Because Roblox thinks your giving your age or personal details out instead of just innocently conversing like 99.9% of players are.


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Feb 12, 2018
Hmm...There's some reason why ROBLOX doing that, all of it's because of ODers, Cursing or either Swearing words
ROBLOX censoring it in order to make us harder to bypass the filters, especially like these ODers say "I'm 12 years old" or like "123 for b0yfri3nd" either that, ROBLOX doing that because they wanna keep our community safe. But of that, ROBLOX censoring numbers is like we're being overprotected too much that we don't like it.

Nowadays, we can only say "I need music 500 credits for the patrol"(Patrol is an unit on ROBLOX games called "Tower Battle") or "The song music codes is music 123456"
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