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What's up gamers, my name is XxUltraGamerDude69Top10xX and this is Top 10 Foods. Let's get right into it, gamers!

Number 1: Sandwiches
Sandwiches are one of the greatest things to ever exist, you put some stuff between bread and it ends up being an epic gamer snack for when you play Fornite: Battle Royale! EPIC!!!!
Number 2: Quesodillas
Quesadillas are like sandwiches but from Mexico. Yo soy estas jalapano, am I right amigos? Quesadillas, just like Sandwiches, are also good gamer snacks! EPIC WIN!!!!
Number 4: Spaghetti
Spaghetti is like Macaroni & Cheese, but Italian! That's so epic, grazis! Instead of only cheese, you also put tomato sauce on the macaroni! AND THE MACARONI IS ARABIC SHAPED!!!!!! EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!
Number 5: Ravioli
Yet another Italian food, this is Ravioli! Ravioli is what happens when you put stuff in a shell and eat it!!! It's EPIC LIKE MY GRANDPA BEFORE HE DIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOWZERS, ZOINKS MY EPIC GAMERS!!!!!!!
Number 6: Your mom
Your mom is so tasty! As a gamer, I always eat your mom!!!! YOU'RE MOM IS EPIC, GAMERZZZ!!!!!!
Number 9: There is no number 9.
Number 10: Pizza
When I go to school, I wear those shirts that say Eat, Sleep, Game, Repeat!, which is why I'm a true gamer! During the Eat, I eat pizza to be an epic gamer! SO EPIC!!!!!!!!!!! SDIBUJG>HSRD*YUJKTSUG:JSOHDUIGHOFSYIJozgeh:
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