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What would you do?

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Okay so this has been already decided so I'm not looking for relationship advice on Roblox Forum (I get that from a postbox)
I'm just interested in what would you choose :3

So a lil' backstory:
My girlfriend lives about 100 kilometers away from me which means that I travel one and a half hours everytime I come to see her (I don't allow her to take the train herself)
It sounds bad but we got together in the beginning of summer and we had a lot of time and I could go see her multiple times a week.

But now sadly or not sadly school is about to start and because she goes to a strong school and she is very focused on her grades she will only be free on Saturdays.
Now I live in one of the most populated cities in my country but for some reason there's only one singing teacher for the whole city and she is only available on Saturdays.

So the problem is: Should I stop taking singing classes? Cause if I don't then I will only be able to see my girlfriend on holidays.

Here's my opinion and my partner's:

My opinion:
In my opinion I should stop going because only being able to see her once a week is already difficult for the both of us so it would be a bad idea to make it only once a month.

Her opinion:
I should continue going because I've been wanting to learn singing for over a year and if I quit then I'm putting her in front of myself.

What do you think?

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Women want a lot of things like "Love, Money, Happiness, Knowledge" etc.
But I would say continue going and you can still text messages
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Continue going, on Sundays be with ur friends all the time so when sum like winter break comes or any other holiday u can spend all winter break with her without breaking ur friend's hearts ig

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Trying to keep going has a lot to do with it. A lot also depends on circumstances and situations so you need your own opinion rather than that of users of a forum like this.
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