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Getting scammed is horrible, however there is a way of reporting that works and that is emailing. ([email protected]) If I was wrong I will resend the correct link. To get the moderator who reviews your email to get your items back or account you need to format, in the first, explain what was scammed off you, next, explain what you wish to be done (don't go in a demanding way though), who you think scammed you, and why you want your items back. Do a paragraph for each and do well. I see a few threads showing that they got scammed so hopefully this helped. Letters can change a complete human, this worked for me. It'll work for you.

As again, hope you were able to retrieve anything that was scammed off you!

P.S. Don't spend forever to send the email, because in your email you also need dates (which I should of mentioned) having a later date looks as if your lying a bit.
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