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this Roblox stranger things sucks it's just like the wonder woman event you just grind with 4 boring mini-games the only good mini-game broken it sucks you have to grind for a long time the mini-games are boring and laggy and the low-quality event items are hard to get and cost a lot of Robux or grind for a long time even UGC items are better don't spend you time playing this game don't even the get the one cheap item lets to show Roblox that we don't want this kind of garbage lazy even Roblox is lazy on events they are lazy on the egg hunts they basically say we don't have time to make an egg hunt game sooo you famous game devs make it for us in your game you have to like play 50+ different games most eggs ate hard to get and you have to learn the game like if you can just put all the eggs in game like the olds times it would be better Roblox even the RGB sucks it's hard i didnt even try to get everything I just want roblox to go back like the old days roblox has become lazy and just told the game devs to do the job for them or make lazy low quality items then make 4 bad mini game then tell you to grind it the item prices are 350 robux or 3000 coins and you only get 10 or 20 coins at each mini game lets not play these lazy event to show roblox we dont want lazy events
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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