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In earth:
Erik: I've ran out of food...
Happiness: Don't worry..
Erik: Great another floating ball.
Happiness: I will bring you food.
Erik: Really thank you!
Happiness: But its a egg hunt..
Erik: Wait I'll have to hunt for chocolate eggs?
Happiness: Yes..
Erik: How many eggs?
Happiness: 10
Erik: fair amount anyways where do I start.
Happiness: I will teleport you to Candy world that's where you can find the eggs.
Erik: C-candy world?
Happiness: Yes.
Erik: So there is candy?
Happiness: Yes but be careful the candies can sting you.
Erik: What?
Happiness: Something like bees.
Erik: Oh...
Erik: Last-
Erik gets teleported to candy world
Erik: that was mean.
Erik: anyways lets find the eggs.
Random kid: WAAAAAA
Erik: are you ok?
Erik: You know what I don't care about chocolate eggs I will find your egg..
Random kid: Thank you!
Erik: This world is pretty interesting..
Candy: Bzzzz
Erik: OH NO!
Candy: BZzzzzz
Erik runs away
The candy follows Erik
Erik hides behind a big lollipop

Erik: I'm safe here now..
Candy: Bzzzz
The candy licks Erik (like a dog)
Erik: Aww.. Do you wanna be my pet?
Candy: Bzzzzzz.
Erik: I guess that's a yes.. I'll name you Puppy.
Puppy: Bzzzzzz
Erik: Anyways help me find some egg
Puppy: Bzzzz
???: Hello
Erik: Are you a cream?
Cream: Yes I am can you help me on the today's fashion show?
Erik: Umm- ok?
Cream: Thank you!
1 hour later
Cream: thank you for helping me I will tell you the results tomorrow
Erik goes to find the egg again
???: Hey you can you help me!
Erik: Huh?
???: Can you take care of my candies for a while?
Erik: sure!
2 hours later
Candycorn: Thank you by the way my name is Candycorn.
Erik: No problem!
Erik goes to find the egg
???: Hey you!
Erik: Huh?
Chocolate: Can you help me eat this big lollipop i can't eat it alone! My name's Chocolate by the way.
Erik: Sure!
3 hours later
Chocolate: Thank you! By the way I found this egg and I wanna give it to you!
Erik: Oh really? Thanks!
Erik: Maybe thats the egg I'm not sure but lets show it to the kid
Puppy: Bzzzzzz
Erik goes back to the random kid
Erik: is this the egg?
Random kid: yes it is!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
Random kid: also when you we're gone I found these 10 chocolate eggs and I would like you to have it!
Erik: Aww thank you!
Erik enjoys the chocolate eggs and then goes back to earth to find the stones

The end
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