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Erik: Who are you?
Isabella: I'm Isabella..
Isabella: I found everything and he teleported me to this world because I didnt wanna stay in the jungle. After that I accidentaly burned a house and got in jail..
Erik: Oh.. anyways any plans on how to get out?
Isabella: We could dig..
Erik: I'm gonna dig you stay here so it doesnt get suspicious.
Isabella: Alright..
2 hours later
Erik: Isabella! I'm done!
Isabella: Let's escape then!
They both get out of the prison
Isabella: We gotta get to the jungle!
Erik: Hmm. Wait I will go to the black floating ball he could help us.
Erik comes to the "..." guy and uses the translator
...: Help me.
Erik: I will but you gotta help us get to the jungle.
...: i can't
Erik: That sucks-
Puppy: BZzzzzz
Erik: Wait... PUPPY?
Isabella: What?
Erik: its basically a flying candy. Its pretty much a bee.
Isabella: where did you find it?
Erik: Candy world.
Isabella: Weird. Anyways it might help us.
Puppy: bzzzz.
Isabella holds puppy and Erik holds Isabella's hand and takes "..."
Everything: wait you- COME BACK!!!!!
Puppy flies away to the jungle
Puppy lands next to the statue

Erik: Hey Isabella... I'm sorry for being mean to you..
Isabella: I accept your apology anyways where is Isabella and Isaac?
Erik: they died
Isabella: WAIT WHAT?!?? HOW?!?
Erik: I'll explain..
To be continued
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