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Okay so this post's sole purpose is to help me chill out a bit cause I like to talk about myself and recently stuff were pretty tough and I think this whole mental illness thing is pretty interesting.
(Weirdly, I got this idea from not being able to sleep because of anxiety and staying up all night, it's weird cause I don't think it was connected to my OCD)

What's OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?
Most people think about people liking order when thinking about OCD, which is right, but there's a lot more to it than that. (Fun fact: I write very slowly because my handwriting is ugly and when a letter doesn't look good, I rewrite it until it looks good or I'll get anxiety lol).


I can best describe this with my OCD, my OCD has something to do with symmetry, so for example, if something touches my left shoulder, it must touch my right should on the same place too, or I'll get crazy anxiety.
(Fun fact, because of that, I can't wink without anxiety which is pretty weird.)

Of course there are a lot of types of obsessions, for example you could have thoughts of hurting your family even if you don't want to (that sucked).


Compulsions are really different, it's still OCD, but it's another part of OCD, because it has 2 parts you might only have obessions (like me) or you might only have compulsions (or both).

Compulsions are more obvious, you could for example get extreme anxiety if you don't open & close the window 25 times.

I can't tell if having to do something multiple times to not have anxiety or having anxiety at random parts of the day is better.
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