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So, once there was a D A M A N N O Y I N K I D I N M Y H O U S E.
no srsly
this kid makes me want to jump off a 100 meter high rooftop
Anyways, back onto the story,
you probably think: "Oh, it's just a child, cmon, leave it be, it'll stop, yadda yadda."
It was around 4 yrs old.
What annoying things it did:
--Making random phone contacts on his phone with names like "V3m4u9v583m2umcuiowmu" and phn. numbers like "4859 4895028 5489305834"
and when he tried to dial them he got confused why nobody's there.
--Bubbling random things and when I told him to stop he would yell random things, telling again to get out of the room or something, he said "No!". Shut up, kid! You are annoying!
--The same things with contacts, but making instead names of the show he likes like "Paw Patrol" or... "Vampirina" [Yea, that show sucks, even he's a boy and he watches it, no offense to Vampirina fans]
More about this might be posted soon.
Press F to pay respects, guys! Peace.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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