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The Cookies from the Cookie Jar, Where did they go?
At 12 AM on April 15th, it was discovered that someone had stolen the cookies from the cookie jar. Around thirty residents were known to have lived there. Officials say that there is nothing to worry about, but the media is quickly spreading the news and global concern is rising. The United States has been outraged by the absence of cookies, and a special search team was mobilized to retrieve the cookies. Meanwhile, the question remains, who is behind this? There were many suspects, but none were proven to have committed the crime. Europe was blamed for secretly stealing the cookies as they have been involved with cookie theft a numerous amount of times, but can we be so sure? If the culprit is not found soon, a war might break out. Currently, rioters and protesters are in the streets, coming armed and demanding the return of the cookies. The government is doing everything they can to stop the panicking, but it seems as if nothing is working. Police are asking people to share information they know about the robbery. Stay indoors and do not assist in the search, keep your family safe.

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1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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