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As most of you know, the Roblox forums are being shut down.
So this is where we will be posting our forums now!


#1 Make sure to use grammar at all times. We will give you
3 warnings on grammar then kick you.

#2 Do not speak unless you are told to.
You may say PTS for permission to speak.

#3 Respect staff at all times. They put their day into coming for you.

#4 Do not leave unless stated. We will not rank you if leave to early.

#5 If you are Afk you will be kicked and will fail.


As barista you will need to handle things behind the counter.
Like making drinks. You will also need to watch out for trollers, spammers and exploiters.
You will need to give these people 3 warnings then call a MR+.


You will be able to do the questions. If you are a host you may also want to add more information.

[Troll Test]

Your trainer will come up to you. They will start spamming, trolling and maybe exploiting. You must give your trainer 3 warnings then pretend
to get a MR+.

After that they should have a total of 5 points. If they have 3- points they will of failed.

Signed by
The Chairwoman
Vice Chairwoman
And President Of Snow Cones Cafe.
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