Im trading/selling a stacked 2015 account that has over 300k robux spent on it
Link to the account
Some of the notable items are:
  • Violet valkyrie
  • Korblox deathspeaker
  • Purple banded top hat
  • Black banded orange top hat
  • Pirate captain hat
  • Big sad eyes
  • Fancy duckie
  • Gearpunk bucket
  • Metaverse valkyrie
  • Neapolitan domino crown
  • Alot of gift card and toy code items

I'll be willing to trade it for an account with a rare offsale such as Festive sword valkyrie, workclock items, ghost fedora, epic face etc. those are just examples just dm me if you have an acc with any other rare offsale items and i might be willing to trade for it.
----- OR -----
I'll be willing to trade it for $100 (negotiable)

For more information or if you would like to offer for the account add me on discord Radello#8395