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warning: largely opinion based
also just to let you know, im putting search engines that you cant search up calculations on in the f tier
because its like half of the stuff i search up, i shouldnt need an external source just to know what 4+5 is.
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lets start from F (bottom to top)

search encrypt:
both picture and search suggestion ads, somewhat hard to work with, kinda slow, and no calculator

im pretty sure is the slowest out of all of these (3 seconds for results), plus was bought by an analytics company, you really wouldnt want to trust them with your search terms, nice web design tho and has calculator

too much stuff on the homepage, no calculator, shoves self advertisement down your throat, no calculator

lets just say if you dont like russia you wont like this search engine. has a bunch of crap on screen. also funny thing, when i was trying to test the search speed, it gave me a captcha to see if i was a bot or not .-. does have a calculator tho

maybe doesnt deserve to be so low because it is supposedly helping the world by giving clean water, no calculator tho

i used to use this one for a while, swisscows has a very distinct search where words in/associated with your search are put at the right side so you can search for specifics ig. also a pretty good family search engine cause it blocks all nsfw. why the f? no calculator

D tier

i used to use this one for a while too, kinda sucks. even though it has been advertised from web ads to billboards, still is limited on features and it is hard to search and get a definite answer on things. also their business practices are sussy.

bloated homepage, self adverts, everything else im pretty fine with tho.

C tier

blekko and boardreader:
just couldnt get these to work, like at all and ccsearch:
i didnt make the list cause i was lazy, therefore these two are search engines for specific things (wiki from wikias/wikipedia, ccsearch for copyright stuff) like wolfram alpha, so i cant really give them a definite score because they are for specific use, and i think both are fine for what theyre made for

B tier

not the most appealing looking, not the fastest, but it gets the job done i guess, if you like dogs i guess you can check this one out.

dont understand chinese, but if 1.5 billion chinese use it, it must be decent, i mean id say it looks decent.

good old yahoo, sadly the homepage looks like a bloaty with self ads, owned by verizon i think, but searching is effective, math results show in the search suggestions like google and bing, which is cool.

A tier

bing is in a and not b, funny! most of the search engines on this list get results from bing or google, so bing is pretty good ig. but microsoft owns it, a company that doesnt have the best rep with privacy

cute little search engine that claims to reduce ocean litter. like the animals. theres too much crap and self adverts on screen for my taste though, and sometimes the search acts weird.

S tier

claims to plant trees for every 45 searches, nice interface, slef promo isnt that bothersome, and great with searches. i might actually switch to ecosia or ekoru after this.

easily the most convenient, but you guys know google is sussy so

some other search engines id like to mention:

pretty good aesthetically, fast, and stable, but no calculator. one of the most private out of all of them tho

i used this for a bit, eco friendly and better than swisscows for sure. no calc tho ;(

basically google but it doesnt send any data to google. i would love this idea if it wasnt in very early development. you are meant to host it on your own network, and the few public instances there are kinda suck.
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