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So i got cookie logged a few days ago, so i contacted roblox for getting my limiteds back, I got hacked with 2FA on.
After i received a email back like 5 days later they told me this.

Hello Randy,

Thank you for your patience.

We have reviewed your request and we cannot restore the item/currency/group to you. Our internal tracking tools indicate that 2SV via an authenticator was not enabled on your account at the time when the account was compromised, but that your account was notified of this requirement. Please see this help article for more information on Account Restores Eligibility.

For information on keeping your account secure and how to ensure 2-Step Verification is enabled, we recommend:
2-Step Verification
Account Safety Guidelines
But the thing is that i had my 2FA was always on since 2021 may, they did not even mention Authenticator (App) in this mail. I thought that the app was a second option, like you could choose between a mail and app, this mail & help is so confusing to me. So i have send them proof with screenshots that i had my 2FA always on..
The ugliest thing is that i lost 60k worth of limiteds, but the account that got banned had still a few of my items (the hacker kept them for some reason), they don't even try to give some items back?

What are your thoughts about this? Did something like this happen to you, let me know in this post..

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Welcome to Roblox Moderation.

This is the dark side of roblox. P-words are mostly exposed in these areas. But no actions will be taken on their account.

My condolences, fellow dutchman.
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