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The Game:!/about

On the surface this game looks like nothing more than another simulator game but animal themed. I thought the monkey on the thumbnail looked intriguing so I joined.

The gameplay consists of fighting dummies for xp, running around the map looking for chests and eggs to give skins and xp, sitting there and just slowly accumulating xp, and fighting over powered bosses (because they want you to buy their pay to win game passes.) When I started looking deeper what I found shocked me. Plenty of the players had tens of thousands of xp. to obtain the amounts they had you would need to play for hours. These high power players would tend to be dressed promiscuously and/or actively participating in online dating. Something here was fishy.

The pay to win game passes are an 8x xp upgrade and a 13x xp upgrade. This game was manufactured as a cover up so that online daters would pay for these game passes that would let them get high amounts of health and do alot of damage so if anybody is trying to stop there behavior they can simply just kill them. The only way to actually do anything to them is to buy a gamepass and let your xp fill up slowly from sitting around. It's obvious this is no coincidence. This game was made as an online dater hang out that attracts kids to play and see other people dating and lure them in.

This kind of game is bad for roblox and something needs to be done about it though I fear nothing will.
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