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I stumbled across and would be worth sharing that isn't your typical aesthetic or emo clothing group which is just about the only ones I really see nowadays. I always google searched "original clothing groups roblox" and could really only find 1 or 2 or a bad youtube video that has 8 generic clothing stores so I found my own and here's what I found. Most of these are original clothing groups. (MOSTLY MALE CLOTHING ON HERE)!/store (wasteland clothing)!/store (weird mix between designer clothing like versace, casual and anime clothing)!/about (a mix of original clothing, TV & videogame characters)!/about (original clothing too, it looks a bit more on the aesthetic side but honestly to me looks like some futuristic along with casual clothing)!/store (some random russian youtubers clothing channel which I thought had some decent general asian/anime clothing and random stuff, COULD be stolen since there's some clothing on here that gets bot spammed.)!/about (another wasteland clothing group which looks like it also shares some 1800s Western clothing.!/store (lightweight clothing group, not a lot to offer and nothing that particularly struck my eye, just neat casual clothing in my opinion.)!/about (dead clothing group, only has like 9 clothes and is mostly formal women's clothing)!/store (decent clothing group, not a lot but looks like a nice selection, mostly fashionable with some casual & formal mixed in)!/store (regular looking clothing, not a lot, too. just okay)!/store (casual & tactical clothing according to their description)!/store (small tactical clothing section)!/store (another wasteland clothing group)!/store (StarWars clothing group and i think it has its own variation i dont watch starwars so i wouldnt know)!/store (wasteland clothing group with an odd weird shirt out)!/about (mostly military clothing and some civilian on the side according to their descrption)!/store (grimy looking clothing, looks like civilian wasteland clothing with some tactical)!/about (Tactical and wasteland looking clothing group also I think i'm starting to understand what ATF means in all of these groups I think its After The Flash a wasteland game which is why im seeing so many wasteland clothing groups with ATF in their name anyway I'm gonna continue listing these real quick)!/store (ATF clothing)!/store (very odd, never seen a clothing group like this, it's like a medieval fantasy but if the apocalypse happened in the 1400s) probably just a mix of wasteland and fantasy medieval in my opinion!/store (another group like the one mentioned above)!/store (looks like a mix of old western and military WW2 type clothing, pretty good i think)!/store (oddball clothing group, looks like tactical but I cant really describe it myself)!/store (a lot of historical clothing, great quality and abundant, don't know what you could find in there but it'll most likely be good)!/store (lots of civilian clothing, pretty good clothes for its category)!/about (apparently hippy + wave clothing according to them)!/store (mostly anime clothing along with their own clothes I believe)!/store (tropic and hawaii floral clothing mix)!/store (pretty much casual clothing, mix of city and rural)!/store (aesthetic clothing store, I know this probably shouldnt be on the list but it looks original to me I wouldn't know since they all look the same for me)!/about (small ATF clothing group)!/store (mostly ancient roman and medieval clothing)!/store (nice variety of military, fantasy and causal clothing)!/about (weird mix there isnt really a common genre of clothing they make)!/store (a lot of clothes ranging from casual, to suits and even bowling clothes)!/store (lot of historical war clothing from like south africa and the six days war in the middle east, I believe this is military clothing from the 50s, 60s?)!/store (more military outfits from wars from the 20th century like the one above)!/store (anime clothing, mostly AoT and a bit of dragon ball)!/store (similar real world military clothing)!/about (another tactical clothing group)!/store (more tactical clothing but with some Adidas slav clothing)

I encourage you guys to check the affiliates tab on some of these groups since I didn't look through all of them here and I don't have too much time to do that at the moment. I hope this list helps those who are looking for clothes!!/store (nice mix between anime clothing and their own original, great quality clothing overall)!/store (looks like casual and almost ATF clothing type, all original by what I can tell)!/store (mostly civilian and tactical with some formal military clothing)!/store (looks like decent quality not much but mostly casual)!/store (mostly medieval clothing with random modern stuff sprinkled in there)!/store (same as one above but also has some nice medieval Asian clothing)!/store (another medieval clothing group)!/store (anime clothing, mostly naruto, with a bit of Jojo's and FMA)!/store (straight up Chinese medieval clothing)!/store (Anime clothing with huge color variety, many different colors for animes like AoT)!/store (another big variety of anime clothing, HxH, Jojo, a lot of characters in the store)!/store (a lot of clothing, "hardline and softline" is what they offer apparently, only common thing I found is a lot of them are in the color black with some varients)!/store (medieval and fantasy clothing)
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