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Review my game idea- Dragon Blox Xenoverse

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Name: Dragon Blox Xenoverse

Story: Evil demons are messing with time for their own goals. You're a time patroller who monitors any mess-ups in Dragon Ball history. You, Trunks, and the supreme kai of time go on a big mission to prevent Mira and Towa (Time Breakers) from screwing with time. (So there is an ending)

Throughout the game, you time travel to past, present, future to defeat the time breakers. Every Missions you go on gives you exp which can be used to level up to get stronger and unlock forms. You can also earn Zeni which can be used to buy clothes and other items.

Each player can also participate in weekly tournaments and fight against other players to win big prizes.
You can also send and accept fight requests

How to unlock forms?
Players can unlock forms and power-ups by earning exp and leveling up.

Races and their forms:
  1. Humans
  2. Saiyans
  3. Namekians
  4. Aliens/Frieza race
  5. Majins/Offworlders
All forms/power-ups:
Humans have Kaioken, Super Kaioken, MAX Kaioken, Full Potential: Unlocked, Mystic/Ultimate Gohan, Ultra Instinct

Saiyans have False SSJ, SSJ, SSJ2, SSJ3, SSJ4, Super Saiyan God, SSJB, SSB Evolution, Ultra Instinct Omen

Namekians have Fusion, Kaioken, Full Potential: Unlocked, Giant Form

Majins have MAX Kaioken, Absorb MAX

Aliens/Frieza race have 2nd form, 3rd form, Final Form, 100% Final Form, Golden Form


Let me know what you think
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