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Hello there! I recently used an fps unlocked on roblox, which allows to boost my FPS cap to 120, 240, etc. I did recently come across a script online which can boost my fps even further, since I am currently playing roblox games on a low end laptop, and I needed some type of script injector in order to run it, which from what I heard is commmonly used on what is called, exploits, which is very known to ruin people games. I'm worried about my account getting banned or whatever sort like that since my only intention really was to boost my performance in order to make it run faster and better on my own. I'm very aware of exploits in the roblox exploit community as well as them in the script injector that I used to apply the fps booster into my games and has definitely chose not to touch them as it can definitely be defined as cheating or/and modifying the game. I would love anyone's opinion on this, tysm c: <3
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