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So, in all the Egg Hunt/Metaverse Champions drama, at about 3am BST Roblox decided to just open the Stranger things event from nowhere. I'd so far give it a 5.75/10


The map is nice
Hosted in one world (which gives me hope for 2022 Egg Hunt, should it happen)
It's better then the Wonder Woman event (which was made by the same devs btw)

It's beginning to develop bugs which need fixing i.e the con below
One minigame doesn't work
Ugly rthro NPC'S

It's not too bad, it's not like Ava Max concert level bad, in fact it's half decent tbh, but it's no RB Battles Season 2.
Let me know what you guys think below
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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