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Font Gas Display device Electronic signage Neon

created this image yesterday
Plant Biome Screenshot Water Natural landscape

new path block
Cloud Sky Table Building Rectangle

my game's new starting place (unfinished)
Cloud Sky Grass Building Landscape

in game

what things in this update?
Update v0.02
1. added north and south stair block
2. light block so you don't have to be scared of darkness!
3. day and night cycle
4. added path block
5. cancelled saving (i still hasn't figured out how to save the building data like other games devforum isn't even helpful either)

1. finish the starting place
2. add even more blocks
3. add plastic block with all colors (so i can made contest)
4. add radio boombox where you can chill
5. chair
6. Room

that all

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my cousin said stop using too many free models
so i don't use free model to made this starting place but i created it from one of the garry mod images
i also use dummy to change height
Don't listen to him. Using free models is a life saver. You just gotta use these free models and not make it too obvious that it wouldn't fit with the game. Garten of Banban is mostly free models but they just didn't make it look good and its obvious. Use free models.
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