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I have been making music in FL Studio for the last two years and gathered up around six thousand hours of experience.
I made music for bigger & smaller Hungarian artists and recently, I also made music for @doctorthom as I am starting to make Roblox music now.

I can make any genre from Lo-Fi to Ambient Riddim with the right example provided, but I am specialized in electronic fast paced ones.

Examples of my work:
Note this example was specifically created for this thread, I don't share my things publicly without the permission of the person the musical piece was created for. I can do other moods too but I wanted every track to be with the same melody.
Time stamps:
Lo-Fi music (0:00)
Classical music (0:20)
Boss fight music (0:37)
Lobby music (1:03)

Price is measured by length, every 10 seconds cost 100 Robux.
The song can be any genre and mood you want, and changes can be made to your feedback.
The first version of the song would be expected to take less than 3 days.

You can DM me here, or you can add my Discord: Guri#0069

Also shout out to @coolcat for helping making things professional.

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Professional sounding music & helped me with some technical sound stuff down the path.
(also helped fill my playlist with songs lol)

10/10 would recommend
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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