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My far:

It produces 18 stacks of wheat/carrots, which makes it the main income of my family that consists of me and my dog.
I sell 20 wheat or 22 carrots for an emerald, so it's really not a bad deal.

It's just, how hard it is to farm, it's harder than usually, cause on a normal farm land, you just, plant the crops, and then break them.

Here you need to, plant the crops, hoe the dirt you accidentally jumped on because of the un-even farmland, break the crops, put back the torches you accidentally broke while harvesting.

I like how it looks, but as you can see, it's not really practical.
I want to keep it, but I don't want to use it.

Path connecting the different parts of my base.

Demolish my old house and build a farm on it's place.

I don't use it anymore, and it's next to my sugar cane and mob farms, taking up a lot of space.

I also want:
-Piglin trading thing
-Chicken farm
-Iron farm
-A bridge to the other side of the ocean
-Sky base (I'm waiting 'till the caves n' cliffs update, until then I have a temporary base)

Shader on screenshots:

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2b2t used to have a base called "The valley of wheat" where people planted wheat as far as the Minecraft character could see.
Lemme guess...
yea all the wheat has been gone for like 4 years because it was destroyed in 2017. I don't even think there's dirt left where it stood.
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