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Materials do not apply properly to parts of rigs/players

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I've noticed a strange issues with rigs (and players). I tried to apply different Materials to some parts of them and they don't apply correctly. If the Material has reflection, that shows up, but the texture doesn't. As you can see here, I try to apply some Materials to the Head and Accessory of a rig (a dummy of my own avatar), but most of them don't work correctly:
Ecoregion Natural environment Plant Screenshot Grass

(wait a second for this to load)

I noticed if I duplicate one of the parts from the rig and separate it from it, the Material works correctly.
What am I doing wrong? What do I need to change to get the Material to apply correctly?
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Might be that ROBLOX never included materials for meshes. However you can export your rig to blender, which you can make multiple materials. From there, you can uv unwrap your hat, import a texture you want to use, make some necessary changes, and upload your hat as a mesh. Back at ROBLOX Studio, change your hat mesh and texture to the meshid and texture id.
i think it's impossible
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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