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Heads up... Windows sticklers, I have no need for Mac bashing, so if you don't know anything about Macs or simply don't favor them, you probably won't be much help on this thread. Let's stay amicable and talk about the new Mac Mini M1 edition running Roblox... Does anyone use a Mac Mini M1 to play Roblox? How does it run and would you say it's worth it? I've used a MacBook Pro for Roblox in the past and I felt it ran quite well for my needs (I know graphics are typically better on Windows, but as a developer/coder I'm less concerned about perfect graphics, more concerned about frame rate and speed).

I'm a music producer and audio engineer so I use my new Mac Mini for music, but I also design and code games on Roblox, so I'd like to keep Roblox installed on my new Mac as well. It's been awhile since I've used Roblox, so I'm just curious about the space the installation occupies and what files come bundled with Roblox. What files does Roblox install by default and where do they reside on Mac? I'd like to know incase I ever need to uninstall Roblox from my Mac as entirely.

If anyone can comment about the Mac Mini M1's performance for Roblox, I would greatly appreciate it.
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