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Looking for a map builder!

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Looking for someone that specializes in map building. Trying to start my own community, but I am not the best at creating my own things, nor do I have the time.

I'd like a modern style map that looks realistic with terrain. Need it city based. No skyscrapers or anything, just a city with residential areas, a few shopping centers, gas stations, restaurants, an interstate, you get the gist. Small towns spread out along the interstate. Needs to have a rural area as well. Map doesn't have to be massive, but I need it big enough to run two-three law enforcement agencies (city police, sheriff's office and state police) and a fire department.

Most I'm willing to pay is 10k robux. Message me on discord, Lucas1781#2487 if you're willing to help me out.

It's not going to be something I'm gonna rush you to build. I am currently the only member in my community, but I'd like to have a lot to offer to new people when the group first starts up.

Appreciate it!
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