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They ruined the game. Now you have to buy each slide with points. And as someone who played since like 2015, I always praised it for keeping the same general layout and theme. You get eaten by one giant guy, you gain XP, you level up, you gain another way to get eaten. Even when they update the map and user layout it never dramatically shifted (Like when they moved the special vehicles from one side of the map to the other due to people being able to get in early with a pretty cool exploit).

But they decided one day in between 2019 and 2021 "nah, screw that". Now you have to buy each slide with points. And the thing about this is that it's incredibly grindy how many points you had to spend. In the 6 years since I played, I had over 17k points. However, when I bought all the slides, I was still 400 points short. That's how grindy it was. 6 years since I played yet I couldn't afford it all. That's just greedy. You know why they did it? It's so they could have everyone buy points for robux. I know they want to make money, but they pushed it too far.

And let me tell you; the map sucks now. There's a random giant beanstalk that goes high but it's only useful for taking a shortcut for the last slide (we'll get there) but you have to get lucky (and if you make your size smaller than normal, you've got no chance whatsoever) and hope you make it on. There's also this weird random thing of rainbow drapes that lead to nowhere. Also a random ramp that lead to nowhere. I guess it's for death purposes?

And the vehicles themselves; they suck now. Well, they always did, but now it's like they decided to up the slipperiness by a million. Seriously, it's harder to actually get eaten because your car keeps going the wrong way and you have nothing to say about it. It was already bad, but they made it worse. A whole lot worse.

And the biggest sin? The final slide. I remember the day they added the final slide. It sucked. The thing barely worked. The chances of you actually going through and completing it was slim. Whenever I would be able to actually go through I would celebrate. And now you have to take a giant elevator that barely works to go there. Sometimes it'll just randomly reduce speed to snail tempo where jumping off makes it go too fast and you slide off because you lost control, sometimes it'll act as a trampoline and by the time you get to the top you'll be on the wrong way so you have to go without a car but jumping out flings you and it takes so long to get up that by the time you do the elevator's already going down, or rarely it would as intended. And the thing is? They never improved the slide. In fact, it's even worse now! Holy hell, I'd rather implode than go through the jackintheblox slide. It's just so slippery and you'll always fall off during the loops. I can't. I just can't. After this, looking at my 0 points (because I spent ALL of my points that I built up for years just because of this greedy change) I said "Screw it, I'm done". Gone is a simple yet fun game, here is the home of the simple idea but poor complex execution with no fun.
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