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I need help with a GUI button.

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Hello. I have been creating a game ( and I am very new to scripting. I have been trying to make a "Deploy" button that changes the team to a random one between two variables, gets rid of the GUI, and kills the player. I have tried almost everything I could think of and this is what it amounted to:

local player = game.StarterPlayer

local menu = game.StarterGui.Menu

local button = game.StarterGui.Menu.Frame.PlayButton

local axisteam = game.Teams.Axis

local alliedteam = game.Teams.Allies

local notingame = game.Teams.NotGame

until menu.Enabled = false

button.MouseButton1Click:Connect:function() = 0



Please help.
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I'm going to help you out with this code, please give me an hour I will return back.
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