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I live by the philosophy of "foods for specific times." Basically, I view certain foods to be consumed in appropriate times of the day or as a part of specific daily meals. For example, pancakes are good for breakfast, and burgers are good for either lunch or diner.

Coffee, to me, is an example of a drink made to be drink in the morning, or at least when you wake up. Sure, I drink it sometimes in the night for relaxation, but it's mainly a drink to wake up to.

Coca-Cola, or more generally soda, is a good example of an afternoon drink. Soda is more perfect as an unhealthy drink for your dinner than it is as your "wake-up" solution in the morning. It's also the perfect type of drink for when you need energy in the afternoon but not the high amounts of fuel from an energy drink.

The Coca-Cola company decided to break this idea by releasing Coca-Cola Coffee. It's basically your average cola but mixed with coffee and flavors typically paired with coffee (Vanilla, Mocha, Caramel, etc.) It's basically a soda-coffee hybrid.

This sparks a little dilemma in me. Is this drink a morning drink or an afternoon drink? If it's a morning drink, then it implies soda is a perfect drink for the morning, which isn't normal to me. However, the drink is also technically coffee too, meaning it's technically appropriate for the mornings according to the rules.

One can argue "Why not drink it whenever you want?", and to that I say...well you're right, but you're not normal if you grab a can of Mountain Dew to start your day.
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