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My son just signed in to his Pet Simulator X account and realized his Huge Jolly Penguin was gone.

It's not in the bank or in his inventory - it's just gone.
He just bought it a couple of days ago online for about 9$! Money he had saved up to buy exactly that pet!
He has no idea about where it is or what has happened to it.

Untill now he has experienced to be tricked twice by quick players who snatched allmost all his pets. Twice!

I must say the UI bad when it comes to trading pets! It's all too easy to steal other kids pets, if you're fast.

How can Big Games not make it safer for children who play their games? They have a huge business going here - don't they care at all about the experience they give these kids?

I'm so tired of this since it's me the dad who has to comfort him every time!
He's fed up with Pet Simulator X now - I I'm honestly relieved.

But what can we do?

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