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Nendoroids.. what are they? They are cute, fragile and popular figures amongst weebs and anime watchers. But.. what are they really?
Nendoroids is a series of figures, like Funko Pop, and they are extremely poseable, meaning that they have moveable limbs and you can do a bunch of poses with it! They are fun to play with and majority are rather cheap (for figures) and can be fun to collect. They have good plastic quality and amazing paint jobs, especially with the small details like buttons.

Where can you find them?
They are widely available on the internet. Although bootlegs are rather common because of the popularity of Nendoroids, thus leading to the appearance of bootlegs, non-legitimate, usually low quality copies of a figure, to fool collectors and people who want to own a figure of their favourite characters. But even with bootlegs around, it can be easy to tell fake ones to real ones. One of the ways, which every knows, is.. well.. the price.

Bootlegs are rather cheap, usually, varying from $20 to even $50-$60. But to know which is authentic and which is not just by the price would be knowing the original worth in the first place. Although some authentic sellers would sell at a good price of about $60-$70, it is always best to be cautious. It's also important to note whether your intended figure has known bootlegs or not. The most common bootleg would be Hatsune Miku figures.

Another way to know is from the off-colouring (compared to the commercial photos and the box). This may not appear for some, but there might be off-colours. Another way, which can work for aome figures, is to check for the sticker of authenticity. It is a sticker, with a glossy appearance and each series of figures has a different design. [Also, you can also check for the brand/company on the top right hand corner of the box. It would usually say GoodSmile Company (the makers) or some other company which collaborated with the company to produce the figure (e.g. Medicos)] These are just few examples, there may be more which are too many to list.

Are they worth buying?
Like everything you want to buy, if you have the means to do so, carry on. If you have the money and space, carry on. If you want to be a collector, by all means, if you have a stable job, carry on. But, also keep in note that they need to be taken care of too, but that's for another time.

Like some people, they are not collectors but are just people who want to buy figures of their favourite characters. But, it's wlays important to keep note of price, availability and quality.

Until then, because this is an amateur's point of view of bunch of figures, you can't really trust it can you?
(I'm still an aspiring figure collector, all I have is just 1 figure now. Thinking of growing. See ya)

My sister only has a Josuke Nendoroid that my friend and I bought for her as a gift. I am not, as already mentioned, a big fan of it, but should I buy more just as a collection?
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