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How to: increase brain mass

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[JUSTIFY][JUSTIFY]These steps involve the brain, majority of humans lack one thus it is important to follow this carefully.[/JUSTIFY][/JUSTIFY]
[JUSTIFY]Step 1: Get a brain (optional). Many people do not have one, so get the brain first.
Step 2: Feed the brain. You need to feed it SPECIFICALLY paper. From my findings, it grows when you read books and books contain paper, so feed it paper.
Step 3: Put it in lukewarm water. Many people think this is unnecessary, but it is. Lukewarm water speeds up the rate of the brain's growth, making it bigger every second.
Step 4: DO NOT give it guavas at ALL COSTS. This is a mistake people commonly do, and if this is done you can die of severe stress to the nerves on the brain, and can cause it to explode.
Step 5: This is the last step. It is the most important one of all, because if you miss this out or do it wrongly, it can reduce the mass of the brain significantly. Always, ALWAYS, drink 5L of milk (ACCURATELY) or else this will not work. The milk contains calcium that can firm the brain, making it a tougher organ and not disintegrate after being regularised.

Congratulations, you have a big brain now. You are now superior and have stage 3 Cerebrum cancer! Do share this with your friends and family so they can increase the brain mass too![/JUSTIFY]
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thanks! i'll definitely try that!
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