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Exteme skydiving

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Go join us today on Exam studio! You can also join our game! We have great fun


From a fellow mod from Exam Studio.

The game has 3 million views.
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Every time you use the parachute, you flip a few times.
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I don't think Onedownwet is coming back. He made a few inappropriate threads that are now shut down.
I'm not sure what the banning system is on here. I've only gotten warned.
There was no official warning, just jellyfishjim telling me it was not allowed.
He said it would control some of the things that I can do. He said I would have to wait a month if I wanted to apply for staff. I still qualify for the 1,000 robux giveaway.
Can I pay in robux for a bungee jump?
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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