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Empty Terrain when testing

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Hi, Sorry to bother you all, my son is 10 and started building a Roblox game today. It's his first time. He has developed a place with switches, doors etc. Was all working fine. Now, when he presses play, he spawns into an empty terrain. Not sure if he's pressed something by accident. We have save points and the old ones still work, but the latest one literally takes you from a nice terrain full of buildings that he's created to a completely blank terrain.
Any help appreciated. I understand this is probably a very basic thing that neither myself nor he understands.
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This is what we get when he hits "Play". Running round is empty everywhere. It was working but not now. Tried restarting, uninstalling and reinstalling, but all the same issue.
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Most likely problem is that all the parts in the map have collisions off and are not anchored, so they fall through the map which explains why there isn't anything when you play.
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