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Fragile - Randall D. Standridge

This is a song I am going to be preforming with my high school band in March. I almost cried when I heard this song :(

About the composer ->

Randall D Standridge deals with anxiety and depression, his love for music helped him create this piece along with 2 other works of art in the form of music that he has shared with many schools around the US. He knows that deep inside everyone is going through something that is hard, but some don't want to talk about it. No matter what..NEVER GIVE UP!!. Just because something's going on that is hard to deal with, doesn't mean it is the "end all, be all" situation. This piece of music really shows that you have to keep going and know that it will get better , it tells a story, story about life and the ups and downs.

Grab your tissues

Let me know if you enjoyed this piece of music
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