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congrats elon, you've been living rent free in everybody's head who has enough free time to unironically post garbage on the internet rather than contribute to society with your acquisition of twitter
this is literally just the sequel to communism v capitalism, it's a subject which nobody knows enough about to debate on, it the subject discusses ending world hunger while nobody actually ends world hunger in the process, and it has something to do with "ze economy" for some reason
lets view over the parties of these debates
1) the elon musk fanboy
some pseudo-intellectual who thinks they're the next tony stark and that elon musk is the next jesus, makes some valid points every 15 centuries and defends some rich guy who uses child labor to grow his company
2) the twitter power user
poor tumblr migrant who has their only points being that elon musk could've ended world hunger using rough estimates they made up in 2 seconds with no papers to the corroborate their claims due to the fact that an extreme number of variables are involved in any meaningful calculation, a lack of human intelligence predictors in this experiment, timeframes that depend on humanity and its technology advancing at a consistent space
(why the hell would you ever read all that tl;dr: quantum computing not good enough for calculating this number because it depends on a lot)
and they also just assume that elon musk has no business plan for twitter
3) normal person
gets crushed in debates because they don't care enough/know enough about the subject material to do anything in them
none of these parties are particularly appealing but you gotta choose ze sides like you're a power hungry vassal in a nation where a faction with a 50/50 chance of winning has formed up (crusader kings reference~/!?!?!/1)

for some reason people on the internet care about this rich guy being rich and doing rich guy stuff while they pretend like they are a sophisticated fella and make bad unfunny memes
holy hell do they have to be bad for ME to call something unfunny, and you're remembering this is the guy that found microwave news network funny, right? all of my bad ratings are just about me being really unfunny
I really don't have anything more to add I just wanted to get garbage none of my friends would actually care about off my chest, so have a great day and thanks for reading
P.S: I probably am not returning to RF as a regular user I just hop on here every 1 - 3 months to see what is going on when I have nothing better to do, so don't expect any surprises from me on this forum
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