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For those who do not know:
The 27 Club theory roots to one Robert Johnson, considered one of the greatest blues artists of all time, felt some guilt for producing "devil's music" instead of living a normal farmlife. the rumor around him was that he was not that good at guitar before, so satan approached him and offered Robert the greatest guitar skills and to be famous, and in exchange, the devil will get his soul, and have him die at age 27. just a rumor.
then on many other famous artists like the legendary Jimi Hendrix, Amy Winehouse, Jonghyun, Jim Morrison of The Doors, the famous Kurt Cobain (many of these people are also considered legendary), and many more had also sold their soul to satan and promptly died at 27.
might seem to be real at first, i mean, i'm a Christian and also think satan is uncool, but the more i thought and looked into it, the more it seemed unreasonable to believe.
like, why 27?? a number like "13" or "66" would've made more sense since we are talking about the devil. and it would seem kind of dumb if satan would make this obvious pattern.
and a lot of musicians do die at the ages 18-30, it is an unfortunate truth. i could name hundreds that didnt die specifically at 27, and im sure you can too.
but, some of you may say that they died in mysterious circumstances. that may be true for some of them like the original Robert Johnson (although the most common concensus was that he was poisoned), and Hendrix, the rest are very explainable. Amy died to drugs, Kurt Cobain died of suicide, etc.
and dont forget there are mysteries of people who died at other young ages aswell.

So, now i present to you...

"The 28 Club"!! :

Avicii died at age 28 from mysterious circumstances (likely a suicide due to his poor health). and this guy is one of the most famous DJs in the world, with some of his videos having billions of views.

James Owen Sullivan, "The Rev" was found unresponsive at the age of 28, on what was suspected to be a drug overdose. This guy was very famous in the metal scene, as he was drummer and co-vocalist of one of the most famous (and infamous) metal bands Avenged Sevenfold.

Mitch Lucker
was also a famous metal artist who was a main vocalist of deathcore band Suicide Silence who died in a motorcycle accident.\

The Big Bopper died in the famous plane crash in 1959 where musicians Ritchie Valens aged 17 (the La Bamba guy) and Buddy Holly (22) also met their fates on route to a concert. These three were so infuential for their time that this event is now referred to as "The Day the Music Died", first referred to that name in Don Mclean's "American Pie".

Steve Gaines of Lynyrd Skynyrd died in another famous plane crash in 1977 where his sister also died and Lynyrd Skynyrds main vocalist Ronnie Van Zant perished as well.

So that this post wont be so long, some other people who died at this age were rappers Mo3, Cadet, Jazz singer Tim Buckley, Bradley Nowell of Sublime, and even Bruce Lee's son Brandon Lee died on set when the supposed prop gun with no real bullets on it had a real bullet in it, which is probably the most mysterious death out of all of these.
Also many other musicians I haven't named here.

Many of these people died in mysterious circumstances, all at the age of 28.

The point is, there are many musicians in the world, therefore many who die young, it is easy to make links and conspiracies when there are many artists who die at a specific age, even though probability makes it inevitable for the amound of artists who die at a certain age to seem abnormal.

I also do pay my respects to all these talented people, listed or not listed, who had to unfortunately die at such a young age.

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I have a better club. The 64 club. Dying at 64 is the opposite the hopefulness of the Beatles song When I'm 64. This would include...

Lyndon B. Johnson (36th President of the USA)
Jackie Kennedy (First Lady to JFK)
Karl Marx (Cool Dude)
Waylon Jennings (Country Star)
Tiny Tim (Ukulele Dude)
Bram Stoker (Dracula Writer)
Matthew Seligman (Bassist for David Bowie)
Malcom Young (Badass Guitarist)
Thelonious Monk (Pianist)
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