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Today I was on the verge of crying.

It was my history examination thing and you know what happens. Basically have to answer a couple of questions and stuff, it isn't such an important examination but it meant a lot to me as it was going to be a benchmark of my current capabilities.

Basically, I was writing my answers and stuff and I was writing continuously. So, as I was writing my pen started to falter a bit and I didn't think much as it was a normal thing for pens to do, especially to not have ink come out every now and then. So i was writing and it happened. I switched to plan B and used my other blue pen which had its ink already running out, but it could last lost, probably because the ink was more concetrated and not so runny. Eventually, the pen ran out of ink and I switched back to my earlier pen after shaking it for a while. I had about 20 minutes peft until paper ends but that wasn't much of a problem.

I was writing and writing and the ink kept not coming out. I shook it multiple times and spun it again and again. I was panicking. Ink was still not coming out. I was on the verge of crying. I was just halfway through the paper and the next few questions can be easily answered. I kept trying again and again but to no avail. I felt like giving up. My eyes were warm, my ears too. My face was literally hot. Then, just as i thought it was gonna be over, my sub-conscious started rummaging through my pencil case and grabbed a pencil. Legit. I knew that writing with a pencil was going to be accepted as rough work and rough work ONLY. But in my head, all was important was for me to at least try. I started writing and writing with that pencil until the last question, but instead of feeling satisfied, I felt.. sad. I have lost my own benchmark and my trail of thoughts were disrupted because of some jerk pen.

I looked through my answers and stared into blankness. I was not happy with my work. It could have turned out better. It could have been better if I had bought a pen or even alerted the teacher. But no, my thoughts were clpuded by panic and fear and I wrote with a pencil.

I talked to my teacher after the examination and he told me that only this once he is going to accept it. I hope to god this won't happen again. Really hurt me a lot. I hated that experience, screw it so bad.

I'm writing this with my own informal writing thing, so my descriptions are going to suck badly. I mean, I already suck at essays. Screw that pen. I hate it.
1 - 5 of 6 Posts
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