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All over the news. Cactus destroying the local library has gone from local to national news. People are now more cautious going out.

Unfortunately, cactus has gotten stronger.

In the middle of the mall, cactus began to set up. They put speakers, and connected a microphone to them. They also had a megaphone to use into the microphone.

People walk by, not suspecting a thing. They think they're not gonna do much.

It begins.

Cactus breathes in, and says super loudly...

"Cactus is online"

In less than a millisecond, a large blue wave of energy bursts in the mall, knocking people over and pushing them against the wall. Pushing over plants, breaking all the glass windows, making people almost fall over the rails, the echo of the message is ear-shattering.

It doesn't stop there. The wave goes into each individual store, destroying everything. Clothes, glass, video games, books, all over the place on the floor, making a huge mess.

Some of the columns holding up the roof started to collapse, and suddenly glass and concrete started to rain down. Everybody immediately started running to the exits, and everybody escaped except cactus... because they are immortal
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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