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Cactus has gone too far. Vandalism, disturbing the peace of the community, breaking items that isn't theirs, causing injury, breaking private property, hurting an officer of the law, not only cactus is causing these incidents, they're also breaking so many laws.

Cactus was chilling in their home until an fbi raid takes place. Immediately they order cactus to get on the ground with weapons...

But cactus is immortal.

They shoot at cactus, but the bullets just bounce right off of them.

Cactus simply takes one step... and it causes the floor to shake, officers wobble and fall over, but the officers are still determined to get them

one runs up to cactus, attempts to go for a punch...

but cactus simply had to utter the words;

"And a bullet to the brain is just a rapidly moving object entering the cranium and penetrating the lobe, causing concussive and deadly damage to the human brain"

In minutes, all of the officers that raided cactus' house was practically evaporated, sent flying out the window at a million miles per hour to an unknown place...

how do you stop cactus???
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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