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  • A character who is supposed to be the real-life parody of Peter Griffin
    1. Name's gonna be something like what he is based off of but changed to avoid copyright (EX: Peterson Griffison, Pete Griff)
    2. Has Peter's voice
    3. Usually wears Peter Griffin's clothes
    4. Whenever he says something like "This remind me of...", he whips out a portable TV set and a DVD player and spends a couple minutes trying to run the DVD of exactly what he referenced. He also forces the people around him to watch it.
    5. Doesn't have a family; dude just walks around.
    6. Will pop up or appear in the most unexpected situations or locations.
  • An idea where the 9th circle of hell is basically a bunch of Satans (Devils, Lucifiers, etc) arguing who is the real deal.
    1. Each Satan is directly based off of an interpretation of him from another media (book/movie/tv show/video game/ etc).
    2. The real Satan is among them, but every single one of them is convinced they're the real one.
    3. They all sit around a wooden table in a normal looking office room.
    4. Each day they get violent, and by that I mean chairs get thrown and stuff.
    5. Anybody who ends up here has to watch them behind a glass window argue for the rest of their eternity.
    6. I feel like this idea fits well as punishment for Lucifer, who is supposedly the prideful one
  • A whole new unique color appeared in the world
    1. Randomly replaces the color of anything with it as the world corrects itself.
    2. Some people begin to notice it and begin researching it
    3. Others begin to get frustrated, as now there's another color to slap onto the ROY G. BIV acronym.
    4. Due to its sudden appearance, people begin to question its origin.
    5. Eventually, the whole world goes crazy since the new color goes against color theory.
    6. The world implodes idk.
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