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Because so many kids love to say that "old roblox" was better, i thought i'd compile a bunch of reasons as to why that is NOT true at all!

Reason 1 will be about how terrible the games were. This is the complete evolution of Work at a Pizza Place, and this is gameplay of COD: World at War, which was released in the same year as Work at a Pizza Place. Compared to newer roblox games (PF from 2 years ago shown here), games back then were pure trash.

Reason 2 is about Website Parties. These may seem fun on the surface, but were incredibly frustrating. If the party leader joined a game, all the other party members were forced to join that game too, even if the party members are already in a game.

For Reason 3 im gonna prove that Guests do not need to return. In my opinion, the Guest avatars looked good (i had one myself), but Guests were completely useless. They could only talk via a very limited chat menu, which was removed later on, making them not be able to chat. The decision to remove guests was a very good decision that Roblox made, as it increased the amount of created accounts by a lot.

Reason 4 is gonna be very short and simple. Tix had a very good reason to be completely removed. The reason is that when someone visited your game, you got 1 ticket. 10 Tix could be converted to 1 Robuck. People simply botted their games and enjoyed their free money with real life value.

Reason 5 is gonna be about BC. Without Builders Club, you couldn't:
-Have more than one public game
-Join more than 5 groups
-Sell things
-Make clothing
-Make badges
-Have Personal Servers (old name for VIP servers)
BC was also hilariously expensive for what it was. Annual regular BC costed 58 dollars and 3 months of TBC costed 30 dollars, all for some benefits, most of which are now free. The BC hard hats have recently gone onsale as Limiteds too.

Reason 6 is about the harshness of bans. You used to be able to get a 2-week long ban until a few years ago, and you could also get a Forum Purge, which completely wiped ALL of your forum posts.

Reason 7 is about the Forums. It would be nice to have an official Roblox forum return, but it had a lot of issues. Notably, anyone who posted on Forum 34 would get terminated for no reason, which resulted in tons of account losses just for checking out a little hidden forum with nothing on it. Many Subforums were also subject to a LOT of drama and toxicity, and several questionable incidents like one person threatening to shoot up a school, and a compromised account posting CP (Cheese Pizza totally).

Reason 8 is 13+ Items. This was only from 2019 or so but a lot of the aforementioned kids love to say that is "old roblox" too so ill still talk about it. For about a year, you could not buy any gun-related items if your account was under 13. This feature was absolutely stupid and got removed in early 2020.

There are all my reasons as to why i think "old Roblox" was not better. Send this thread to any person who tries to convince you that it was.

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for me
1. tix made a lot of alts to farm it

2. old roblox players that never come back and also name snipped only to get their acc got pged in future
they are waste of ids
believe me they never come back (except for some users) <--- they might be pged like in flex your account age

it is my opinion

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Idk couldn't find the source for this info but you could get people's IP's on old roblox i think it was via inspect element or a programming software connected to the site or the server the person you want to dox is playing on.
I vividly remember this. It wasn't uncommon and the worst game for getting your IP logged was Group Recruiting Plaza. Back before Cheat Engine was patched and people would use it to noclip out of the sword arena to kill everyone in the lobby, they also logged your IP and would send tons of packages absolutely crashing your internet for sometimes hours depending on who you made upset. It also wasn't uncommon to see "lvl 3" exploits that totally broke any game they were injected into before Roblox moved all games over to Filtering Enabled. Roblox security has definitely increased since then,

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tbh, I feel like when some Roblox players, especially newer players, say "I miss old Roblox", they're just talking about wanting old features that got removed like tixs rather than old Roblox itself.

To explain it, everybody wants some aspects of Old Roblox, but not a lot of players who joined later than 2016 wants to sit down and play a very basic game for an hour when they could be playing a more well-developed game from the newer years for the same amount of time. I'd say the playerbase would actually decrease if Roblox were to replace the current Roblox with old Roblox in its entirety.

Not saying old Roblox is bad in any shape or form; also not saying new Roblox is good either.

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1. So, you're comparing a 2008 block game, made by one person for free, to a video game that has a giant budget, and a large development team? Is that honestly a fair comparison to you..? If you played roblox back then, the games were fun. Sure, they aren't as detailed, and as graphically beautiful as they can be now. But that's what people miss; how simple they were. I personally had a lot of fun playing that game back in 2011. But they certainly can't compare to a lot of these newer games. Some of them are pretty impressive. But for early roblox it was pretty fun.

3. I disagree that Guests were useless. In order to play a game, you have to sign up. What if someone just wants to test roblox before actually making a roblox account? And if they don't like it, they just wasted time making a roblox account that will just never get signed back on again. Not everyone wants to sign up for something in order to play, especially if they've never played the game.

5. So premium is better than BC? BC offered so much more than what premium gets you. All you get now is just robux, the ability to trade, and discounts on certain UCG items. That's it.

With BC you could get daily robux, being able to trade, join more groups, allowed to make clothing items, and all the other stuff you listed for the exact same price of premium costs. So, you pay the same, to get less than what you originally were able to get. There even used to be this thing called lifetime BC and people that still have lifetime BC, still get robux as of now. They still have lifetime premium.

Modern day roblox is obviously better, but that doesn't mean old roblox is terrible by any means. Especially considering the game was released in 2006. You can only do so much technology wise back then.
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