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I am the original owner of a 2006 account & roblox has decided to ban me because someone had key logged me & backcharged a 4.99$ charge.

I've been posting about this for a few months now and, now with Roblox responding with
"We understand this can be a frustrating experience.

The Billing Department has previously responded to an appeal regarding the moderation action on the Roblox account (loadestt). Once a determination is made, the moderation action on the account will not be reviewed again and further requests will not change the outcome."
The person who key logged me stole 25k robux & 50k of limiteds I reported the day of when it happened 9/24/2022 in which I had saw that my account had also been banned that same week I've been emailing them for months now and they had told me it was due to a back charge and although I said Im completely okay with paying back anything that was back charged they refused & probably will not plan to give me my account back. Roblox does not care about its user base or how much we've spent money & time , I've gotten the same repeated bot emails and not even a handful of real responses in which it was all them denying me.I've spent well over 900$ on this account money I'm unable to get back due to how old these transactions were. I miss when Roblox cared about their player base , not only did I lose my money but my childhood account that I grew up playing on. GG.

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Sorry to hear that, I can't imagine what it's like to lose such an important account
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