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  1. Help
    Hi, I'm having some trouble logging into the game. When I go into the game (important notation VERY SITE or Browser), then on the 1 input I have the game hangs, and specifically! I can not close it even the task manager! She checked out after about 5 minutes and hangs it at a certain point. For...
  2. Help
    Hi all, My first post here, I'm really looking for help on this because it has me incredibly confused. As of a few months ago (according to some of my friends), a game I published won't load for anyone. The launcher immediately jumps to "Waiting for an available server. Retrying..." and never...
  3. Everything Roblox
    I haven't played ROBLOX much for the past few months but when I opened the website today it said "check out the app!" on a banner above the friends list, I clicked it and it sent me to the app and I kinda like what they've done with it.
1-5 of 5 Results