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  1. Help
    So kay, the 30 of December one of my accounts was permanently banned from Roblox. The ban was for "fraud". I was like "what", because all the cards i have and all that i have used to recharge robux are of my father and I. I go and I asked my father if he did something, and yep, he cancelled the...
  2. Help
    I have the 1k robux required and I’m trying to change it back to a username I once had, but the “buy” button doesn’t actually work, it’s light up indicating I can buy it and the username isn’t taken or inappropriate because I had it before. So why isn’t it working, Does anyone have a clue?
  3. Help
    This is such a weird issue. Whenever I try to login on mobile, whether it’s using the browser (have tried both safari and google) or the app, I get a message saying “an unknown error has occurred” and am unable to proceed further. I’ve tried resetting my password multiple times, I’ve tried using...
  4. Everything Roblox
    hi this is roblox CrimsonPlays has banned then it return by user don't forget about banning #12021 discord number and receive email please But i support roblox ya.
1-4 of 4 Results