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  1. Help
    How would I go about making a part than can be collided with only on one side?
  2. Scripting
    why won't my function 2 work? local module = {} function module.FuncOne(plr) print("Function One Started") local test ="Part",workspace) test.Name = [plr] print(test.Name) end function module.FuncTwo(plr) print("Function Two Started") local test ="Part",workspace)...
  3. Scripting
    UIS.InputBegan:Connect(function(input) if input.KeyCode == Enum.KeyCode.V then if green == false then green = true player.PlayerGui.Screen2.Frame.FastMode.TextColor3 =, 1, 0) wait(1) green = false else...
  4. Scripting
    Hey there! Looking for some people to script here at our studios! Your not required to pay or drive anywhere, we just need to ask you a short amount of questions and we will have ranked you before the blink of an eye! Although we are low on moderators and all of that stuff, we need some people...
  5. Scripting
    Hey guys, i'm making a quest type gui, and, it's broken for some reason, anyone can say me why? ERROR: "Players.SamuelGamerYT65.PlayerGui.MainGUI.GiftProgress.Gifts.Gift1.Unlocker:2: attempt to index nil with 'Gifts'" Script: script.Parent.MouseButton1Click:Connect(function(player) if...
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    As Roblox makes your shortcuts unoperable every time it updates, here is a little tip to help you to get over it. To do so you're gonna need to create a batch script (an empty *.bat file) in your %APPDATA%\Local\Roblox\Versions directory. Then open it as a text file and insert the following...
  7. Help
    how do you make a system like this ?
  8. Scripting
    I want to make it so that only one player can see the animation, but I have no idea how to do it. I know it's possible but I don't know how. I would be very grateful if you can help.
  9. Help
    I'm trying to add a KO/WO leaderboard to my Capture the Flag game, but it's being overwritten by the existing game manager scripts. The leaderboard script: print("LinkedLeaderboard script version 5.00 loaded") stands = {} CTF_mode = true function onHumanoidDied(humanoid, player) local...
  10. Scripting
    Hello! For the past few days, I have been remaking Slender: The Eight Pages in Roblox. I have this script that is (supposed to) detect when an IntValue reaches the number 8. Every time you collect a note, the value goes up by one. that's not what I'm having problems with- it's this mess.. while...
  11. Scripting
    Experimented scripter, I can script what you desire (excluding building). DM for a order or more informations.
  12. Scripting
    Hi, I need help with this code that I learnt from this video: The code I'm doing is only murderer and survivors (Chaser and Runner) and theirs 2 cards that shows you if your the murder or survivor, but it shows up with both 2 cards. Here's the code: local players = game.Players --the players...
  13. Scripting
    i am making a game like splatoon, i am trying to make a gun and a squid system The gun kills and paints has an animation The squid system makes you turn into a squid and you can swim inside the paint and climb walls
  14. Scripting
    (NOTE): I am NOT a very good scripter yet. I am making a game where there is an intermission stage, and eventually leads to a battle part where all players battle. I need help getting a script that teleports all players to a location using positions or CFrames. No YT video, Devforum page, or...
  15. Scripting
    Currently I'm making animations for a game, and have a standard animation playing for a Shop NPC using this: local animation = script:WaitForChild('Animation') local humanoid = script.Parent:WaitForChild('Humanoid') local playing = humanoid:LoadAnimation(animation) playing:play() My problem is...
1-15 of 15 Results