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  1. Scripting
    I dont know if im just lacking the brain process, but i've tried everything I know and I cant manage to enable movement after closing the window. After closing the window the character is stuck in place and can only jump up and down. Does anyone have any helpful suggestions?
  2. Scripting
    I am desperately trying to find a way to ban dynamic faces from being used in my game as I have old script which does not comply and I cannot find a way to change the script. I am also trying to keep R15 allowed Please help!
  3. Scripting
    ok so here goes! i've been making a cash collector but i used parts to create a "unionoperation" instead of making a converyor belt and standard sqaure to destory parts for money. i need script help with it to function...this is the script. nothing won't destrory...also the object i want to...
  4. Scripting
    Hi everyone, i am completely new and when I say this I mean....completely new. So I want to build a wonderful tycoon for my son. Now, I am struggling to understand how to create a script for when I stand on a button, it then for example make a dropper appear and start dropping items for cash and...
  5. Help
    I really don't know what's going wrong here, but once i press shift it never stops, and pressing e doesn't stop the animation either( E stops it because E starts another script for sliding) BTW can you please explain what the changes youve made do? sorry im very new to scripting local UIS =...
  6. Scripting
    Grass Script I need help to get the block to change size when the tool scissors are used and to make _g.scissorscut = 1 when the player clicks the mouse while holding the tool, I'm not sure if this is done right because I am new to coding and only know a little bit local GrassRegrowTime = 1...
  7. Scripting
    Dear readers, so basically i wanted to ask is there a method how to check who spent the most robux / check when someone buys something and add the robux to a numbervalue?
  8. Help
    I need a fairly experienced scripter for a game I wanna start / continue on and further develop over time! I want someone with good communication, such as discord and easy to work with. Payment can either happen in the shape of ROBUX, Bank-transfer (real money for your work) or a certain share...
  9. Off Topic Lounge
    As Roblox makes your shortcuts unoperable every time it updates, here is a little tip to help you to get over it. To do so you're gonna need to create a batch script (an empty *.bat file) in your %APPDATA%\Local\Roblox\Versions directory. Then open it as a text file and insert the following...
  10. Scripting
    Video how it worked some time ago - Now:
  11. Help
    I'm trying to add a KO/WO leaderboard to my Capture the Flag game, but it's being overwritten by the existing game manager scripts. The leaderboard script: print("LinkedLeaderboard script version 5.00 loaded") stands = {} CTF_mode = true function onHumanoidDied(humanoid, player) local...
  12. Scripting
    Hi guys! i want to create a box in roblox, when you went into it i will change a your point of view from third person to first person and when you get out i will change agin to third person perspective, i tried to write script but it won't work, here a script, and a picture of how it is...
  13. Scripting
    Experimented scripter, I can script what you desire (excluding building). DM for a order or more informations.
1-13 of 13 Results