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  1. Scripting
    Grass Script I need help to get the block to change size when the tool scissors are used and to make _g.scissorscut = 1 when the player clicks the mouse while holding the tool, I'm not sure if this is done right because I am new to coding and only know a little bit local GrassRegrowTime = 1...
  2. Scripting
    Dear readers, so basically i wanted to ask is there a method how to check who spent the most robux / check when someone buys something and add the robux to a numbervalue?
  3. Help
    I need a fairly experienced scripter for a game I wanna start / continue on and further develop over time! I want someone with good communication, such as discord and easy to work with. Payment can either happen in the shape of ROBUX, Bank-transfer (real money for your work) or a certain share...
  4. Off Topic Lounge
    As Roblox makes your shortcuts unoperable every time it updates, here is a little tip to help you to get over it. To do so you're gonna need to create a batch script (an empty *.bat file) in your %APPDATA%\Local\Roblox\Versions directory. Then open it as a text file and insert the following...
  5. Scripting
    Video how it worked some time ago - Now:
  6. Help
    I'm trying to add a KO/WO leaderboard to my Capture the Flag game, but it's being overwritten by the existing game manager scripts. The leaderboard script: print("LinkedLeaderboard script version 5.00 loaded") stands = {} CTF_mode = true function onHumanoidDied(humanoid, player) local...
  7. Scripting
    Hi guys! i want to create a box in roblox, when you went into it i will change a your point of view from third person to first person and when you get out i will change agin to third person perspective, i tried to write script but it won't work, here a script, and a picture of how it is...
  8. Scripting
    Experimented scripter, I can script what you desire (excluding building). DM for a order or more informations.
1-8 of 8 Results