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  1. Scripting
    Grass Script I need help to get the block to change size when the tool scissors are used and to make _g.scissorscut = 1 when the player clicks the mouse while holding the tool, I'm not sure if this is done right because I am new to coding and only know a little bit local GrassRegrowTime = 1...
  2. General Discussion
    Animation Script - local Tool = script.Parent local AnimationR15 = script:WaitForChild("AnimationR15", 1) local AnimationR6 = script:WaitForChild("AnimationR6", 1) _G.scissorscut = false -- I don't know where I need to put this global variable so when the player clicks it changes it from false...
  3. Scripting
    how can i modify this so that only the game owner can win the rainbow tag yt script video local replicatedStorage = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage") local Players = game:GetService("Players") local RS = game:GetService("RunService") local overheadGui =...
1-3 of 3 Results