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  1. Game Design
    I wanted to create an RPG game that is top notch and will be one of the popular and most played games like PSX or doors. However, I’m still short on devs and other people and I want to develop this asap. How long will it take to get devs and make the game by summer of 2025?
  2. Game Design
    Ive been planning an upcoming project of mine named RoLands. It’s an RPG based on combat and saving the Roblox universe. However, I’m new to scripting and building and can’t seem to get anywhere in developing it. Any tips?
  3. Game Advertising
    Hi Everyone , i'm new in this forum but i was developing this game since 1.5 year , it was my side project. It's a 15 vs 15 deathmatch game with 2 team , and 3 type of weapon (sword , bow , staff) . All mechanics and gameplay coded by myself , tried to balance game as much as i can . Please...
1-4 of 4 Results